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  • The city of Halifax has had something strange happen for many years, a guy cruises the downtown area between 2 and 3a.m looking for a lone man in need of […]
  • Andrea King, Shelley Connors and Kathleen MacVicar all vanished without a trace and were later located murdered under confounding circumstances. Each murder had little to go off of, but could […]
  • Glenda Morriseau was an indigenous woman living in Winnipeg Manitoba who may have fallen victim to a serial killer, but what happened to lead up to that? Listen to this […]
  • 24 year old Kimber Leanne Lucas was murdered in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1994. She was seven months pregnant when her stabbed and mutilated body was found in the back […]
  • Jennifer Hillier-Penney vanished from St. Anthony Newfoundland on November 30th of 2016. This case was covered in episode two but new information has been released and this case was due […]
  • Jonathan Reader was murdered while walking home from the Pacifico bar and grille in Halifax Nova Scotia in August of 2005. This murder has gone unsolved for 15 years and […]
  • Peter Dale MacDonald is a known criminal with two charges of murder, but could more cases be linked to him, making him a serial killer? This episode covers the convicted […]
  • The small province of Prince Edward Island in Canada only has one unsolved murder case in recent history, but now more than ever, we may be getting closer to finding […]
  • Ryan Shtuka vanished from a small ski resort community jsut out of Kamloops BC, making him another young healthy man who has disappeared from BCs lower mainland. This episode also […]
  • Part two of my ivestigation into the missing men of British Columbia’s lower mainland. This episode covers the cases of Sahil Sharma, Manvir Sinhu, Kellen McElwee, Pablo Guerra and Derek […]
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